Testimonial Category: Staff

“Since joining FiveBy I have gained a deeper understanding into the strategy that it takes to run a fraud management operation. I have been able to build out systems that are more advanced than anything I have done previously. This is a direct result of the positive working environment that management creates that allows us to push our limits.”

Sr. Fraud and Abuse Consultant

“Since joining FiveBy, I have grown my capabilities as a subject matter expert across fields, understanding what it takes both technically and strategically to fight cybercrime as it presents itself for any client or engagement.”

Sr. Consultant of Data & Insights

“Each day I am learning more about my region of focus, global affairs, and intelligence. This opportunity to learn daily, along with FiveBy’s continuing education program, have provided me the opportunity to grow my subject matter expertise, earn industry-respected credentials, and as a professional.”

Risk Intelligence Consultant

“The most exciting aspect of my work is using big data analytics and advanced algorithms to find and fight the new generation of fraudsters, by pinpointing their methods, combating their networks, and creating healthy ecosystems for our clients and their customers.”

Sr. Consultant of Data & Insights

“Working at FiveBy is unique because of the incredible people that we hire, mixed with how we are managed. We are given the room to use our expertise and make meaningful impact to the business. When you combine the freedom to do your thing with an experienced team, you end up with an ideal working environment!”

Sr. Consultant of Fraud and Abuse

“It is exciting to work hands-on in global affairs and see that my work has a direct impact the field. My teammates are also deeply interested in this space which makes work each day something I look forward to.”

FiveBy Risk Intelligence Consultant