Testimonial Category: Intel

“FiveBy’s combination of expert human analysis and access to unrivalled data repositories means that you’ll have a clear view of the risks associated with onboarding new suppliers, business partners, or clients.”

UK-based data provider

“FiveBy’s Risk Assessment Services revealed new information about a supplier to one of our international offices. Due to FiveBy analyst research and language capabilities, we were able to gain a better understanding on who we were doing business with.”

Jon Ferguson, CFO/Vice President
M. Brashem, Inc.

“There are a lot of due diligence companies out there that only complete the minimum. FiveBy’s Risk Assessment Services and their credentialed analysts dig deeper into the research. They bring an impressive amount of intel to the subtlety and nuance associated with sanctions and complex corporate structures.”

Scott Richards, Executive Director
Joint Task Force for Anti & Counter Corruption

“We did not have the capabilities internally to perform the kind of research FiveBy analysts did for us. Language capabilities and getting access to foreign data sources, both of which FiveBy has, are obstacles for OBD. We are willing to pay for the value we receive, and the information FiveBy provided confirmed some issues, gave extra insight into others, and provided independent clarification and analysis on questions we had.”

Kit Perez, Brand Protection Manager
OBD Solutions, LLC