Testimonial Category: Clients

“FiveBy has been our trusted partner for over 5 years, supporting us with sanctions due diligence and investigations. Over the years, we have developed a relationship rooted in mutual respect and shared culture that prioritizes a personalized approach to our unique internal challenges and processes.”

“Looking back just 12 months ago and seeing the progress we’ve made against fraud over the course of our relationship is proof of the quality of service that we receive from FiveBy.” ​

“Working with FiveBy, we were able to create an end-to-end solution to address fraud on our platform in an effective way that protected our reputation, and the service we were able to provide to our customers.”

“We first worked with FiveBy to develop our anti-piracy program, and they’re now also supporting our efforts to combat cross platform fraud. Their understanding of this space, and their ability to work alongside us, is unparalleled.”