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Courtesy of kremlin.ru and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), along with partners in the United States, the UK, and others, today published its first series of articles on the Rotenberg Brothers – close friends and enablers of Russian president Vladimir Putin. Boris and Arkady Rotenberg have been sanctioned by the United States since 2014, after Russia invaded and illegally annexed Crimea, and despite being sanctioned by the West, the brothers were able to maintain their luxurious lifestyles and move probably billions of dollars in assets all over the world using a complex web of intermediaries, enablers, shell and front companies, and secretive jurisdictions.

OCCRP’s investigative series is based on a new leak of more than 50,000 emails and documents from a Russian management firm that worked for the Rotenberg brothers.

FiveBy Director of Risk Intelligence, Irene Kenyon, is quoted in the first article of the series, “Leaked Emails Reveal How Putin’s Friends Dodged Sanctions With Help of Western Enablers,” highlighting that Cyprus is a jurisdiction that has been a popular destination for Russian elite to hide assets and establish secretive entities to help obscure beneficial ownership.

More reporting on the Rotenberg brothers will be published by OCCRP and its partners in the coming days.

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