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Leading governmental bodies and support organizations worldwide have become aware of the significant current threats related to disinformation. Disinformation is being used by state actors and–more insidiously–enabled by a growing industry of Disinformation as a Service (DaaS) vendors. The impacts are experienced well beyond the political realm, for example, as corporations and their employees are targeted to avoid Covid 19 vaccination– a threat to business continuation and public health.

Malign actors use false, misleading, and manipulated information to trigger mass changes in the public’s narratives, beliefs, emotions, and actions, to weaken societal infrastructures, and undermine the populace’s confidence in its government. Collectively, disinformation campaigns exploit enterprise platforms, data, and communities, but these tech platforms, coupled with organizations that confer credibility on domains, can be part of the defense against disinformation. These organizations can successfully monitor for and respond to relevant disinformation using the framework provided in a new white paper from FiveBy Solutions.

The white paper entitled, “Enterprise Appropriate Responses to Disinformation Risks,” describes an open-source framework of taxonomy, classification, labeling, and data interchange developed by data science industry experts as building blocks for a detection and remediation program which integrates into enterprise client platforms. The paper is intended for a business audience, including security, finance and marketing executives planning cognitive security responses and resilience measures.

The paper is structured around the tasks needed to create sustainable disinformation risk management:


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