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Products & Services Case Study: Custom Cyberforensic Tool Development

Market Segment: Mid-size and Large
Product Type: Cyberforensic tools
Summary: Develop custom tools to support internet investigations including analysis of IP addresses and related traffic.

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A client required the development of custom tools to improve attribution and analysis of IP addresses. The nature of the analysis required by our client necessitated highly detailed and accurate analysis of IP traffic. Publicly available tools could not support the requirements of this work so FiveBy developed a custom solution for the exclusive use of our client.


Our Client requested that FiveBy assess current sources of information and recommend a solution that would more accurately provide detailed IP attribution.
FiveBy reviewed and cataloged external IP data sources and existing client intelligence related to IP attribution then created a tool that draws data from both external and internal sources providing more accurate and on demand results.


Introduction of the custom IP analysis tool has significantly increased the client’s ability to conduct detailed analysis of IP traffic that touches their systems. Internally, our client is now able to use the additional information for improved analytics which, in a number of cases, has lead to enabling investigations that resulted in the identification of bad-actors and allowed our client to better protect their intellectual property assets.


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