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Delivery Excellence Case Study: Telesales/Customer Support for a Genuine Software Program

Market Segment: Mid-size and Large
Product Type: Productivity Software
Summary: Establish dedicated and trained Genuine telesales team to triage and manage targeted conversion rates through customer experience.

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Opportunity: Outline of challenge

When customers learn the software they’ve been using – potentially for years – is non-genuine, the news can be jarring. Not only could they be exposed to viruses, ransomware or other malware, but all of a sudden the safety net they thought they had in terms of the relationship with their software vendor, is no longer there. Converting the user to use genuine software requires having a friendly voice on the other end of the line. But the typical salesperson, customer support agent or compliance officer, may be ill-equipped to understand the nuances of the customer’s problem, and the conversion dance.

Approach: What we did

To help our client, a large software company selling creative tools, FiveBy first worked within the client’s existing sales and customer support infrastructure, to develop a unique approach that combined and aligned the best elements of both disciplines: Customer support, to bring a “we can help” attitude, and sales, to close the deal. FiveByconsultants recommended the introduction of a dedicated Genuine telesales team, and provided  support on training, measurement, compensation, and supporting functions, such as escalations and auditing, to ensure quality and on-message delivery.

Impact: Results

Within 60 days, the client began seeing the desired results, a 20% conversion rate, with a measurable SLA. With the program established, the client easily added additional products, geographies, and other genuine programs and offers, to leverage this efficient sales motion. The team has now fielded thousands of phone calls, and has proven the value of this channel, by achieving a conversion rate 10-20x that of an ecommerce approach.

FiveBy was instrumental in establishing this key component of the client’s Genuine software portfolio.


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