Our cyberforensic services support a variety of robust investigative capabilities and harm-reduction programs. We apply skills ranging from cutting-edge analytics in cloud-based and big data environments to utilizing granular metadata to establish fact patterns and trace individual actions.

  • Forensic Analytics
  • Technical Vulnerability Assessment
  • Cyber Investigations
  • Big Data/Machine Learning
  • Tech Fraud Services


Cyberforensics Case Study: Product Analysis

Market Segment: Mid-size and Large
Product Type: Creative Productivity Software
Summary: A bottom-up model to size unlicensed product use and a general assessment of business impact.

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Develop a bottom-up model of unlicensed use of products for a client using internal sales and product use data.


FiveBy brought years of experience to bear on the project connecting data sets across siloed business domains, including product sales, product usage, and other product data to develop a model that enabled the client to assess the nature and extent of the impact that unlicensed product use was having on their business.


With a better sense of the size and nature of its unpaid and unlicensed installed base, the client was able to prioritize investments in projects and programs designed to mitigate the impact of unlicensed use on the business. They were also able to begin converting a portion of that unpaid installed base to paying customers.


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