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We support our clients through end to end business transformations and we are the market leader for companies wanting to introduce piracy conversion programs that increase profits while maintaining customer satisfaction. We have deep subject matter expertise in supporting our clients transformation from perpetual to subscription licensing. We provide clients with market opportunity analysis and strategic go to market programs to grow their businesses.

  • Piracy Conversion
  • Perpetual to Subscription Journey
  • Market Opportunity Analysis
  • Strategic Program Development
  • Go to Market Strategy

Business Transformation Case Study: Piracy Conversion Go To Market

Market Segment: Mid-size and Large
Product Type: Creative Productivity Software
Summary: Marketing strategy definition, program development and go to market execution for software companies wanting to reduce piracy of their products in a cost effective manner, with no customer satisfaction issues.

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Our client, a major IT software vendor, was planning for the introduction of their first piracy conversion program to directly message non-genuine software users. FiveBy was asked to create a comprehensive branding, positioning and marketing strategy for all activity in the piracy conversion space, including direct messaging. ​


Based on experience gained from similar previous work, FiveBy began with primary research to test attitudes towards piracy, enabling us to create definitive ‘piracy personas’. Using this research, together with existing FiveBy best practices, we created positioning and messaging guidelines that informed the customer experience and our recommended go to market strategy. The GTM plan included internal-, partner- and external communications, social media, PR/AR strategy, end to end updates of the client’s online presence, rapid response and escalation guidelines, and a monitoring and feedback plan to track public reaction at launch. ​


Using the strategy and plan recommended and developed by FiveBy, the client successfully launched the direct messaging program into the US and subsequently international markets. External customer and press reaction had been neutral to positive with no major issues, and the program is now delivering additional revenue to the client with no adverse impact on brand or customer experience.


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